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Cambodian film crew spooked by paranormal activity

A ghostly presence upset the actors and film crew in Cambodia.
A ghostly presence upset the actors and film crew in Cambodia.
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A film crew working on a new television series about the “traditional Khmer musical instruments” in Cambodia claims paranormal activity put everyone on edge.

The series was filmed in Phnom Pen by Rock Productions. As is their custom, the crew repeated a Buddhist prayer during a ceremony in Kandal province. Keu Vannak, the company’s general manager, claims some of the participants, including actors became possessed by a spirit. He blamed it on their decision to hold the ceremony in the wrong place. He said one of the monks actually saw a spirit sitting amid the cast and even talking to the lead star. He added that Siem Reap should have been chosen for the ceremony instead of Kandal province.

“We all saw the spirit with our own eyes,” he said. “We also were shocked to see that some actors and actresses were possessed including our movie director, so we had to prepare another ceremony.”

When a second ceremony was held at night in Kandal province, a “large black shadow appeared in front of the crew’s car just before they arrived at a temple. The driver was in such a panic that the car veered off and almost turned over. But this was not the end of their experiences.

“It seems that this spirit followed us from when the car had stopped,” Vannak said adding that they were unable to sleep and wondered what they did wrong. When they arrived at the hotel, one of the men began to be have irrationally, as if he did not know what he was doing, which frightened everyone else.

On top of this, the television seemed to have a mind of its own, changed channels all by itself. It finally came to rest on a station that showed the ancient Khmer movie, the very same one they planned to shoot.

“We saw it, and it was unbelievable,” Vannak said. “The main actress saw herself sitting with another beautiful woman in the same ancient clothes in the television. Then she also became possessed and cried until she was unconscious.”

To add insult to injury, the monk predicted that actors would die if a third ceremony were not held at yet another location. This time, they chose Bong Thom Homestay closed to the Banteay Srei temple due to the monk’s insistence that the site was important to the film. After this was done, the crew was able to proceed with filming their movie.

Vannak said no more paranormal activity presented itself and in fact, he felt that the spirit was actually helping them with their filming. The movie entitled Rone at Snea is based on an “ancient folk tale” in which lovers meet up with each other in dreams. Naturally, they wish they could meet for real and try to make that happen.


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