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Camaro SS and ZL1 at 2014 Twin Cities Auto Show

The Camaro has been a boon for GM’s Chevrolet division ever since it was reintroduced in 2009 as a 2010 model. Consistently leading the sales race among pony cars, most notably against its chief rival the Ford Mustang, has been a welcome surprise.

Camaro ZL1 at 2014 Twin Cities Auto Show. Bright Yellow with black accents makes for a striking combination.
Camaro ZL1 at 2014 Twin Cities Auto Show. Bright Yellow with black accents makes for a striking combination.
Photo by author, Aaron Ahlstrom

More remarkable is the fact that Chevrolet has continued to sell Camaros despite marketing them as premium performance cars, which, arguably led to the fourth-gen’s demise.

But the current fifth-gen is not like prior models. It’s much better, in every way. Both young and old flock to it, be it a base V6 model or the top-of-the line, track-ready Z/28 (noticeably absent from the display field).

For 2014, the Camaro has undertaken a few slight tweaks, but nothing major. The revisions include newly restyled front grill and larger rear taillights that span more of the decklid, replacing the sugar scoop tail lamps used previously. Refreshed, but sleeker, the hoods have also been reworked, depending on the model.

A pair of Camaros greeted spectators at the 2014 Twin Cities Auto Show, both coupes. The first was a red SS model sporting a sunroof. The SS comes standard with the 6.2 liter V8, making for at least 400 HP (automatic; 426 HP with six-speed manual). The revised grill housed High-Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps with LED Halo rings (RS package required on the LT and SS models, according to Chevrolet). The Midnight Silver 20” wheels looked nice as did the newer black hood scoop (cosmetic and non-functional).

Taking the SS one step further is the ZL1, which ups the horsepower to 580 by supercharging the 6.2 liter. Painted Bright Yellow, the ZL1 looks ferocious with its black accents and painted forged aluminum 20-inch wheels. The grill is distinct with HID headlamps with LED Halo rings. The ZL1’s aluminum hood is fitted with a functional carbon fiber insert/air extractor that improves cooling. Both 6-speed manual and automatic transmission options are available on the ZL1. Dual-mode performance exhaust (similar to Corvette) was also listed on the display car, as well as Magnetic Ride Control. The sticker price jumps accordingly, but at just under 58K you end up with quite the performance car.

When it comes to performance, the Camaro has proven to be a leader is more ways than one.

If only they would have brought the all-new Z/28…

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