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CAM Forge Tools February 8 2014 Open House Event

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The Fort Worth Libertarian Examiner is a platform for expression of the American ideals that made this nation great. With focus on maximum liberty for every individual and honoring the United States Constitution, the column sets out to be an act of resistance to the ever growing overbearing and oppressive power of the steadily advancing over reaching modern US Government. It is important to reflect upon the fundamentals every so often in order to stay focused on the task at hand and to continue to thrive with prosperity. Unfortunately it seems that Barrack Obama and his crew of cronies have set out to “Fundamentally transform” this once great nation. Some of the ways that they intend on “Fundamentally Transforming America” is to redefine terms such as Marxism, Socialism and Communism, to distribute the wealth and declare all out war on poverty by raising the middle wage unnecessarily. They also intend to achieve this End to their means by excessive control of business and making the environment increasingly hostile to small businesses to operate.

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Local Small Business Announcement

That is why in this edition of the Fort Worth Libertarian Examiner, our focus becomes not on the negativity and the oppression of the Obama Regime which intends to Executive Order its way into the annals of history; but on those who truly make America work. This edition honors the small business; particularly one small business in the DFW area that puts a new twist on an ancient craft. Cam Forge; a blacksmithing business located in the Fort Worth area will be hosting their open house just outside the Metroplex limits in Annetta Texas. The owner and craftsman in charge of daily operations, Andy McConnell , his staff and family are welcoming all who wish to attend. As quoted from their Facebook page “This will be an open forge day with a clinic, food and other shenanigans.”


McConnell, a Blacksmith and metallurgist has been honing his craft for decades and has created a variety of high quality products from Horse Shoes to Hatchets, Axes and Knives. He prides himself in being able to work with several different mediums and putting forth the highest quality product available. Mr. McConnell has trained with the Masters from the United States and the UK and continues to advance his skill set through the use of the latest technological advances in the industry. This is a great opportunity for folks in the area to come down to the shop, see how things are forged, learn about the process and have a little bit of fun. The event will be Saturday, February 8th at 1:00pm. The address is 4150 Centerpoint RD Annetta, TX. Bring friends and family down to this shop and support a local business. This has been an official event announcement from The Fort Worth Libertarian Examiner.