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CAM Asia Supermarket is Cincinnati's source for authentic groceries

CAM Asia Supermarket has a wide range of authentic food.
CAM Asia Supermarket has a wide range of authentic food.
Gabriella Jacobs

If all you know of Asian cuisine is noodles, you're in luck. CAM Asia Supermarket in Evendale has reams of ramen. And if you're a more adventurous eater or cook -- or if you're from an Asian culture and want authentic items --- you've hit the motherlode.

This is a fully stocked grocery, not a mere "souvenir stand" of food. Merchandise is both imported from Asia, as well as made and grown in the U.S. for Asian tastes, whether Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai...

Shoppers can find great varieties of vegetables; fresh and frozen poultry (including duck), beef and pork; grains; spices; snacks (oh, the cookies and candy aisle is delightful!); teas (plus canned iced coffees from Taiwan), juices, and dairy products. Quail eggs? Yes! Durian fruit? Yes! Lemongrass, barbecue sauces, and black rice? Yes, yes and yes! You can pick up some cookbooks, newspapers, kitchen items and decorative items, too. Employees are friendly and willing to answer questions.

Jay Yang, a Columbus resident of Chinese descent who'd been working for Honda, started the first CAM Asia Supermarket in Ohio's capital city more than a decade ago. Besides that location and Cincinnati, there's a CAM in Cleveland, too.

In 2003, The Cincinnati Enquirer gave Yang one of its Taste Maker awards, noting the care he'd taken to select suppliers and state-of-the-art checkout system.

The local CAM Asia Supermarket is in the Village Crossing shopping center (next to Aldi) at 10400 Reading Road. It opens daily at 9:30 a.m.