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Cam Anthony impresses on ‘Ellen’; 12-year-old YouTube star sounds mature (video)

Cam Anthony looked like the typical 12-year-old when he sat down to talk with Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen Show during Monday’s broadcast. The kid was a little bit shy discussing his talent, had perfect manners and very focused when he shared with the television viewers his dream to be a singer. Then Cam Anthony performed and surprised the world with his perfect voice. It’s pretty obvious this youngster is extremely talented.

“I was singing since I was four. My parents heard me singing the Folgers commercial,” said Cam Anthony about his voice on The Ellen Show. The YouTube star has been busy traveling the country performing for the fans as he gains more interest about his music.

Performing a Jason Mraz single on The Ellen Show, the fans got to hear firsthand how talented the youngster was. From his first note to the last lyric, the YouTube performer sounded good and shocked people who couldn't quite grasp how this young singer could sound so mature.

On YouTube, Cam Anthony is known for his amazing cover song videos. Fans are checking out his vocal talent and some of his performances have thousands of views. Of course with the exposure of The Ellen Show, the young star will have thousands more people checking out his talent too. And it’s obvious from seeing him perform live, the fans won’t be disappointed!

Take a look at the video clip of Cam Anthony performing on The Ellen Show.

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