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Calty Design unveils the Toyota FT-1 during NAIAS and on Gran Turismo 6

The Wall Street Journal announced today (Jan. 13 2014) that Calty Design revealed its latest creation at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show (better known as NAIAS or North American International Auto Show with a concept halo car for Toyota dubbed the Toyota FT-1. FT stands for "Future Toyota" and is a realistic design study based on Toyota's rich history of sports cars and involvement in Formula 1 that will hopefully inspire Toyota's upper management to get behind a halo car for it's brand portfolio.

: The new Toyota FT-1 Concept is revealed at the press preview of the 2014 North American International Auto Show January 13, 2014 in Detroit, Michigan.
Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

The Toyota FT-1 represents Formula 1 influence with Toyota Supra styling. With the Toyota FT-1, it's all about contrast with function defining form. Before any actual design per-se was actually done, Calty Designers employed a Japanese technique of design called Genchi Genbetsu. Roughly translated, it means, "Don't read about it, go out there and experience it."

First, Calty designers went to an airbase in Miramar, San Diego Calif. and carefully studied a fighter pilots cockpit as well as heads up display units. In the interior of th Toyota FT-1, you'll notice very little driver distractions and a concept heads up display that achieves maximum information for the driver without any riff raf to get in his field of vision.

Next, Calty designers went to a racecar driving school where they got a feel for how an unobstructed field of view conrtibutes to a driver's experience.

Finally, Calty designers threw out the basic line design way of shaping a car and let form do it for them. Inspired by Toyota sports cars of yore and Formula 1, what is revealed at NAIAS today is what they came up with.

Twitter is already filled with buzz about the FT-1 being a successor to the Toyota Supra, and they have reason to be right. As the Toyota Supra's spiritual successor, the FT-1 has a big pair of shoes to fill.

Luckily, for those that have Gran Turismo 6, the Toyota FT-1 will be a part of the downloadable content later tomorrow (Jan 14,2014). Unsuprisingly, the renderering of the Toyota FT-1 on Gran Turismo's virtual engine was a big part of why the Toyota FT-1 made it from concept to real life rendering.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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