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Caltrans to take land at 163 interchange

The turn onto the 163 freeway off Clairemont Mesa Boulevard in Kearny Mesa, at the Kearny Mesa ROad corner, will pass through a new loop ramp after Caltrans realigns the ramps at the interchange. The construction project is the second in the plan to widen the interchange corssings to handle the higher traffic volumes.

Workers built the new bridge that crosses over the 163 in 2008. Eastern freeway ramps were realigned.

Additional work improving the traffic flow at the interchange will cost 107,000 dollars in engineering costs. The city will use Transnet funds to pay the cost.

Caltrans will take land on Kearny Mesa Road from the Cty of San Diego. Workers will use the land to ut in new sidewalks, curbs, and curb ramps at the freeway ramp location.

The city's engineering contractor agreed to reengineer the layout and construction on Clairemont Mesa Boulevard to meet new Caltrans criteria.

Engineering work on a retaining wall on the new loop ramp is needed to build a ramp that handles the greater traffic weight.

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