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Calories in vs. Calories out for weight loss

Eat well, eat often
Eat well, eat often

Weight loss and general fitness are ultimately determined by how many calories an individual  takes in versus the individual’s daily caloric needs.

Seems like a simple proposition right? It is the simplicity of this formula that often leads an individual to see cardio alone, walking, or daily physical activity as answers to burning calories and getting fit

Unfortunately, the missing piece of the puzzle is often the actual caloric intake necessary to maintain proper bodily functions and muscle tissue. In over 85% of the evaluations that I complete in any given period of time, the individual is not taking in enough calories to maintain proper bodily functions and muscle tissue even if their daily nutrition is comprised of high calorie foods.

In addition, meal timing is a significant determining factor in how the body processes the food we eat.

The first step is to execute the proper formula to determine how many calories are necessary to meet the body’s daily needs. This number is then modified in accordance with the individual’s fitness goals.
The next component is to time meals properly so that the body does not utilize muscle tissue for energy, which will decrease the body’s ability to burn calories in the future. In addition, waiting long periods of time before eating will alert the body that it should be in “starvation” mode which will prompt it to store calories for future use. These calories are stored as fat tissue and can only be accessed as energy under a specific set of circumstances.

Contact your local fitness professional today to determine your body’s caloric needs and take a safe, effective scientific approach to weigh loss and fitness.


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