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Calmness following unrest in Missouri

Just two weeks ago, the national spotlight turned to the small town of Ferguson, Missouri, following the shooting of a young, unarmed black man allegedly by a police officer. The victim in the case had apparently been a suspect in a prior robbery when he was shot by the officer.

Ferguson is a town of just over twenty-one thousand people, and has a large African-American population.

Following the very controversial shooting, chaos erupted in the town, with many residents of the area protesting the shooting and citing issues of race in the case. The town seemed divided, amid all the racial tension. National news programs aired disturbing images of tear gas being used by police officers to quell riots in the town. A local curfew was also imposed, in order to curb riots and any damage.

The disturbing nature of the riots in Ferguson even led to action by the White House, with a strong national guard presence in the area. The federal government has also taken an interest in the case, with an investigation being launched into the shooting.

It is still uncertain whether or not the officer who shot the young man, setting off this chain of events, will face charges in the shooting.

For now, however, order and a greater sense of calm has been restored in Ferguson, Missouri.

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