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Calls to ignite passion begin August 8

Igniters of the Heart team Bijou, Maeve and Orv
Igniters of the Heart team Bijou, Maeve and Orv
Clarita Nolan of Photo Magic Art

I am always enthusiastic about bringing news about our love letter writers, and this particular letter writer holds a special forever-place in my heart. When I was 7 years old, a girl, whose family was a friend of close friends of ours, moved into my neighborhood and into my third grade class. My mother told me her name was Maeve and I was to look after her because she was new. It was an exciting responsibility to be appointed guardian of a newcomer. We spent enough time together to qualify as sisters – sleepovers, birthday parties, after school play-dates, and weekend movies. We went from girls to womanhood in the safety of each other’s company, were college roommates and young marrieds always sharing thoughts, memories, music, recipes and hope during trying times just because that is what friends do.

Maeve was always sweet tempered, playful, laughter filled, giving, thoughtful, and smart. We knew every detail of each other’s lives, trusted each other with secrets and were embarrassed by nothing. I remember her girlhood drawings and generously revealing poetry. She became a classical singer and opera coach and is still part of that musical world. I tell you all this so you will know that I know what I am talking about when I add to her list of abilities an enormous talent for loving, for effortless approval, for connection, and for being able to navigate her way gracefully through sometimes-choppy waters.

It is no surprise that her life has taken a turn that reflects all her sensibilities. She and her husband Orv are relationship teachers who are now combining their years of experience with the power of the telephone conference to help couples keep the flames of passion fanned while clearing out old resentments that generate conflict. The goal is to form a community of like-minded souls who can count on each for support and develop their own relationship for a feeling of safety.

This program “Calls to Ignite” begins August 8 and will be held on Wednesday evenings from 6 to 7. Click here for some interesting specifics, costs and registration. Maeve and Orv are comfortable in revealing, in their own words, “their individual experiences and growth in a vulnerable yet powerful manner”. Experience polished by comfort, honesty and accessibility is a powerful formula for leading people down a sometimes-puzzling path.

I will always be grateful for this gift of a friendship that was handed to me a lifetime ago and know that in Maeve's company I will always walk in safety.

From me to you with love in the air,


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