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Calling It In

Called in
Called in
Columbus City Police Department, Columbus EMS, Photography courtesy of Robert M. Croes

On a typical Friday night I sit at home with my boyfriend and we unwind from the weekly stress by watching a movie. However, tonight our viewing of The Godfather part 2 was interrupted when a man across the street from the busy road where we live collapsed. 911 was called immediately and we stayed, from a distance, with the man to be sure he was not in danger of hurting himself or others, until the paramedics showed up. When it was declared that this man was indeed drunk we went back to The Godfather and let the emergency personnel go about their business. We soon looked out and noticed police vehicles and a crowd of police officers dressed in their blues surrounding the man, who was now handcuffed. The man was slurring his speech and not making any sense and the emergency workers were trying to figure out where he came from and where he should go.

A lot of times people don't feel comfortable working with the police or even paramedics but this group of men and women, although my encounter with them was brief, were the nicest and most professional group of men and women I'd ever met wearing the uniform. They seemed to really care about their work and about making their city a better and safer place. The police in general have a horrible reputation and tend to make people nervous but every once in a while you catch a glimpse of the ones who have good hearts, the ones that actually care. These officers were down to earth and seemed to actually enjoy their job, which few people, even those of us that are not police officers tend to feel about our jobs. We should honor the men and women who work hard day in and day out to keep our streets and our families safe.