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Calling all tree-huggers: It’s Love a Tree Day!

Calling all tree-huggers: It’s Love a Tree Day!
Calling all tree-huggers: It’s Love a Tree Day!
Sandra Perez

Odd holiday alert! May 16 is Love a Tree Day, according to Holiday Insights on Wednesday. Although no source or creator has come forward to claim this holiday, it’s not hard to guess what it is about – trees!

Celebrating is easy. Simply let your inner hippie spirit shine bright and give a tree a nice big hug! This works even better if you do it in public, so you can get others to participate. If you would rather not get too personal with nature, how about just giving a thirsty tree some water? They’ll greatly appreciate it.

The most popular way to celebrate is to plant a tree. Make it a family activity to fix up your garden by giving it a trim, feeding it a dose of fertilizer, or even just planting some flowers. Parents: This is also a great opportunity to teach your young ones about the importance of recycling to help out the earth.

Trees are one of the best gifts earth has to offer, they provide more than just shade and breeze. They give us oxygen and are the homes to many creatures. Doesn’t sound like your kind of holiday or feel like celebrating more holidays? Well May 16 is also National Bike to Work Day and Wear Purple for Peace Day.

National Bike to Work Day allows you to get some great exercise while doing what you were going to do that day anyway, go to work! Wear Purple for Peace Day might not be what you think. This holiday is not to inspire world peace or to protest a certain organization. This day is to make peace with our neighbors from outer space. Yup, aliens. Wear Purple for Peace Day encourages earthlings to wear purple to show our alien friends that we mean peace.