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Calling all seafood lovers! March 12th is National Baked Scallops Day

Seafood lovers around the world are celebrating this day with some of their favorite sea scallop recipes. Sea scallops are very popular and are usually prepared by pan searing or sautéing with butter or white wine. These tender treats are low in fat and contain nutrients that your body needs and are easy additions to any meal. In fact, seafood is very healthy and according to The World’s Healthiest Food, eating fish or other seafood like scallops atleast 1 to 3 times per month may reduce the risk of a stroke by 31% (Stroke, July 2004 issue). Due to the amount of vitamin B12 inside of scallops, consuming them may help promote cardiovascular health and protection against colon cancer; another reason to indulge in the light subtle taste.

pan seared sea scallops with spring salad
pan seared sea scallops with spring salad
baked sea scallops in shell

Fun facts…..

  • According to food historians, scallops can be found throughout the world but are in abundance in the Mediterranean.
  • Pilgrims used scallop shells to decorate their doorways in honor of Coquille St. Jacques and worn on the coat of Winston Churchill’s and John Wesley’s families (Kid Answers, May 2012)

Nutritional facts of scallops

Try these easy scallop recipes and share your own creative concoctions!

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