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Calling all Gamers' this weekend

Music is something everyone needs in their lives. Whether it is to relax with, have one while you study, hanging out with friends, dancing to it or even doing karaoke. Music is an education for a lot of people. At times it can help a person learn numbers by counting the beats per measure. It can teach you to become more active with hand - eye coordination. Even people with disabilities can accomplish a lot with music. Stevie Wonder learned to play several instruments but is most known for his piano talents and voice. Yet he could not see them, this did not stop him.

And this coming weekend, you can do your part to helping children with music. EverCon is a benefit gaming convention that helps support students and faculty at Everitt Middle School in Wheatridge CO. The event will be held April 26th and 27th. Their focus is to raise money for the Music Department which has a $10,000 budget shortfall. Nearly 44 percent of students participate in music at Everitt Middle School and the student body is from low income families. But these students still get up and go to school and participate with smiles on their faces. With the help of EverCon and yourself, you can help make a big difference. Everitt Middle School offers symphonic band, concert band, jazz band, choir, men’s choir, orchestra, and guitar class. Academic studies have shown that students that participate in a music program are more successful in academics.

If you’re an experienced gamer, just starting out or have never done it before come on down. EverCon will have special guests on hand to answer questions, help you learn new games, and shop with community businesses. Or come join the community, have lunch and be an observer. You can play to win. There will be several prizes to win and even a silent auction which will include many donated items from the Arvada and Wheatridge Community.

So roll up your sleeves and put on your game face and head to Everitt Middle School this Saturday and Sunday, April 26th and 27th. Bring your smile, appetite and willingness to help a school that has been in Wheatridge community for years. Help put those instruments back in the hands of the children that want to learn. That want to experience the big stage and fulfill the dreams or performing in front of large audiences and most of all, get ready to learn something new with the gamers of Everitt Middle School. To learn more, visit the EverCon website at:

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