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Calling all chocoholics: It’s Chocolate Day!

Calling all chocoholics: It’s Chocolate Day!
Calling all chocoholics: It’s Chocolate Day!

Are you a lover of chocolate? Well then have we got some great news for you! This coming Monday, July 7, is Chocolate Day. Ready for an extremely good excuse to eat all of the chocolate you want? You got it. If this coming odd holiday is not enough to shamelessly enjoy this delicious treat, there are two other dates to look forward to: September 4th is World Chocolate day, and October 28th is National Chocolate Day.

Mom always said to eat your veggies, and chocolate is a vegetable. Well, this is only according to some people, but we would love to be one of those people. Many argue that it’s a fruit, and some say that it is neither. Fact is, chocolate comes from a small tree called cacao. Of course, when you add a ton of sugar it loses its purpose – but let’s not think about that today, it’s Chocolate Day!

Wondering how you can participate in this holiday? Simply eat chocolate! Here's a pretty delicious way to add chocolate to your plate on Chocolate Day: Start your day with a healthy breakfast accompanied with chocolate milk. (Chocolate pancakes, maybe?) Before lunch, snack on a chocolate bar. After lunch, grab a scoop full of chocolate ice cream. Every dinner should be followed by dessert, so on Chocolate Day let’s make it chocolate cake.

Is your moth watering yet? Maybe we can cheat just a bit and munch on Hershey’s kisses while we wait for the arrival of Chocolate Day. Spread the word and let your friends know about this quirky holiday! Everyone deserves to get chocolate wasted on Chocolate Day. July is also National Strawberry Sundae Day! Chocolate and strawberry? What a perfect combination!