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Call YOUR MOTHER…… or NOT!!!!

Call YOUR MOTHER…… or NOT!!!!
Call YOUR MOTHER…… or NOT!!!! Images

Hey , Mother’s Day is over. That was last Sunday. So you can check that one off the list. Flowers, brunch or a phone call or e-card and the day was done. BUT the relationship remains.

No, you cannot just check family off the “to do” list and forget about it. The behaviors that you learned long ago will still pop up when stress hits the hot button and you become a thumb sucking toddler or rebellious six year old even in your grown up clothes.

We are talking about habits, patterns and how to make positive changes that will enhance your life at home and at work.

After just finishing the second of four sessions with our latest Total Leadership Connections™ group, I really need to underline what it means to be part of your original organization, the family.

GOOD and BAD news is the same: your family will NEVER go away.

The habits and patterns from our family stay with us and go into our present organization at work whether we want them to or not. That is….. until we decide to change them to their positive opposites.

Here is an example. One of the individuals in the recent group has a strained relationship with his father. Think of it this way. If he was creating a new password about his father it would be labeled “weak with not enough letters and numbers and maybe it needs some punctuation…. Get what I mean?)

Their relationship is vanilla. Talking once every two or three months and focusing on the scores of the baseball or football team.

He was encouraged to ask his father about the “F WORD.” How his father feels.

His response was “He will see me as soft and fuzzy!!”

Now here is the issue. His father may well think his son has gone to the dark side. So what! Knowing more about each other than just the most superficial makes relationships creative and powerful.

He realized he keeps his relationship with his boss on the safe and simple side also.

So, he is going to take on both at the same time. Getting to know these two most important men in his life better by asking questions and taking the first step to change the pattern of superficial and simplistic.

This is how baits and patterns change. One sentence and one decision at a time.

Now on to Father’s Day!!

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