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Call To Duty

For thousands of years there has always been bloody conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Lessons learned from history should have been a clue to what the United States should have done previous to the first Gulf War. And, yet after three wars, thousands of American lives lost with ten's of thousands of Americas wounded, and trillions of American dollars wasted latter, those regions are more unsettled than ever. Nothing was really ever accomplished. Back in the 1980's when Russia invaded Afghanistan the United States failed to realize that any foreign involvement in affairs that really don't equate to our own national security or stability is a futile attempt at sticking our noses where they don't belong. The sad fact of the matter is that too many of the worlds nations now consider the United States as the greatest threat to world peace. They just might be right considering the recent announcement by the present Administration about our armed forces being deployed to Iraq. Many now feel that this move is probably the worst thing that the President has done.

With the world teetering on the edge of chaos. Where tensions that are already heightened could very well erupt in a moments notice which could send the whole world into oblivion is the reality that has come to pass. With Russia cutting off the supplies of natural gas to Ukraine this past Monday has put the whole European community at risk. Now compounding the seriousness of the global community there are violent atrocities that continually put the world on notice that mankind has not yet learned the harmony of peace and the brotherhood of man. But, instead of being the leader in a global coalition for the benevolence of man we have become the antithesis of what this country had stood for, for over 200 years. Don't get me wrong I have always been a big fan of Theodore Roosevelt's big stick but for the past 40 years all we have are few small twigs and no olive branch either.

Now, with the United States poised once again sending troops into harms way where we were totally unsuccessful the first, second, and third time is already another futile attempt that will undoubtedly cost more American lives and another trillion dollars that should be used right here in our own country. Our foreign policy for the past 40 years has been a complete failure. And to top it off our own service men and women who after enduring combat missions that have only failed return home to find complete inefficiency in our Veterans Administration. Completely under funded and completely void of the necessary readiness for those service men and women coming home after serving their country.

Speaking of wasteful spending by our own government in the name of national security there in nothing more sacred to our national security than investing right here in our own back yard. Our energy grid, our own infrastructure and revitalizing our whole economy has to be our main focus for our preservation, our national security, and our financial stability. Yet, we continually fund operations elsewhere while like Nero, American burns. When will we ever learn. But like everything else our government has been doing just to keep that supply of oil flowing and their pockets fill with corporate cash have done nothing to alleviate the churning distress that the majority of Americas are continually wallowing in.

So far our foreign policy decisions have been based solely on the supply of foreign oil and nothing more. With the trillions of dollars already spent on three losing wars not to mention the enormity of American lives lost and the colossal human tragedy of wounded service men and women whose own productive lives were cut way too short is an American travesty. When will we ever learn?

With a country so divided and with a country so broke, leaves the United States incapable of actually having the resources necessary to carry out effective foreign policy. We have seen this time and time again with disastrous results. Our first considerations has to be those that take care of our service men and women who put on that uniform to protect and defend the United States and the American citizen who partakes in the preservation of a way of life that our service men and women past and present made possible. Many of them paid the ultimate price. We have to remember that it is through them that enables America to have the ability to preserve a way of life that was the envy of the world. Sadly though today that envy is no longer associated with the United States. Through disingenuous policy decisions and a loss of social morality over the past 40 years the United States is no longer the envy of the world.

To regain our status not as the greatest threat to world peace but as a peace maker, a nation whose own benevolence toward every American is shown through a rejuvenation of values and morals reminiscent of just 50 years ago then just maybe we will once again become a nation where we will be able to achieve effective foreign policy. A global community being the beneficiaries of diplomacy of peace and prosperity. This is our call to duty.