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Call sheet uncovered for LOST series finale


Spoiler-fee thumbnail of the page in question.  Source:

A studio call sheet is simply a sheet of paper used in film making that gives necessary production information for a single day of filming. So when such a sheet was recently found in a Honolulu restaurant with the LOST logo on it, you can see why people would get excited. But is it legit?

Consider this your warning: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Based on appearances, this little nugget seems to have everything in the right place, and reveals some pretty spoilerish details on the highly anticipated LOST finale slated for May 23. In the past, ABC has produced fakes to throw the media off. According to Gawker (the site that originally posted the find), sources would not confirm or deny validity – but ABC was very eager to get the materials returned.

Actors involved in the proposed shoot include Matthew Fox (Jack), Terry O’Quinn (Locke/MIB), Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond), Michael Emerson (Ben), and Jorge Garcia (Hurley). You can read the water- and nosebleed-related details for yourself, but it does sound vaguely like the Willy Wonka-esque promos shown at the end of ‘Everybody Loves Hugo.’  Elements previewed there that did not come to pass in the follow-up episode, ‘The Last Recruit,’ may be sprinkled elsewhere in the final episodes. Gawker’s LOST expert also interjects his analysis of the document.

Network attorneys (Sweetzer & Verdansky?) are now getting involved as Gawker posted this Update to their story:

A rep for ABC informs us that the document is genuine and is "the property of ABC." As for whether it's the actual call sheet or a decoy version, she would only say that it "contains elements of truth." We have been informed that ABC's legal department will be following up with us.

So is this a real leak, or publicity stunt?


Your opinion counts: How many of you clicked through to view the potential spoilers, and how many are thinking – true or not – I just don’t want to risk it at this point?

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