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'Call of the Wildman': Turtleman is bitten by a turtle

Turtleman got bit by a turtle!
Turtleman got bit by a turtle!
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"Call of the Wildman" aired on Animal Planet on Sunday night with the second episode of the new season. Hearkening back to the early seasons of the show, Turtleman actually rescued a huge alligator snapping turtle from a waterpark filtration system on one segment this week. While boldly (and foolishly) sticking his hand in a hole, he received an unexpected bite from the powerful jaws.

It appeared that the Turtleman, Ernie Brown, experienced some pain, judging from the way he screamed out and the way he was holding his hand. Although there was no blood evident to the viewer, it really seemed like an unplanned incident. However, in the world of reality television, there is always the possibility that the situation was staged, although we like to believe it wasn’t.

Sunday’s program also included one segment of frighteningly fast grey squirrels who were wreaking havoc in an antique shop. If you have ever witnessed the wood damage that squirrels can do, you would understand why the three rascals had to go. It is always a bit disconcerting when you watch Turtleman handling animals that could very possibly be harboring rabies. In the backroom where the commotion was taking place, Turtleman and Neal seemed to do a lot of damage, too! In the end, Neal got to take home a dresser that was slightly damaged to give his wife, Rosemary, as a gift.

Animal rights activists have been very outspoken against Brown and his hands-on capture technique. Central Kentucky Online reports that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) has actually filed formal complaints with the state and federal wildlife authorities in regards to the “Call of the Wildman.” They claim that Turtleman has broken animal cruelty laws. In the two segments tonight, however, it appears that he actually rescued the animals from being destroyed.