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'Call of the Wildman' animal cruelty accusations: Hit TV show from Animal Planet

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Animal cruelty accusations against Animal Planet’s “Call of the Wildman” are listed in a petition online that has already gathered 22,702 by Thursday morning, Jan. 23. While the petition names a few incidents on the “Call of the Wildman” show, one incident in particular is cited by the person who started the petition.

According to MSN News on Jan. 22, the petition is asking the Animal Planet “not to endanger animals in the name of ratings.” The petition also uses the investigation done by Mother Jones Magazine which centered around three orphaned raccoons that were the stars of one of the episodes on “Call of the Wildman.”

The three baby raccoons were “kept away from proper care by the production team,” according to the petition as reported by MSN. Apparently by the time the baby raccoons where handed over to the wildlife center they were in “emaciated” condition. One died, but two were saved.

Another incident cites the show using an animal on the show “that had been drugged with sedatives in violation of federal rules.” The Mother Jones investigation allegedly found that "The 'Call of the Wildman' incidents of animals being held, transported and even sedated to fit the show’s parameters."

Mother Jone’s investigation resulting in the animal cruelty accusations made a difference. After the allegations surfaced the show hired a licensed animal handler to be on the set when working with animals on the show. The show’s field crew was given new written guidelines by the production company.

While Animal Planet has not responded with comments regarding the new petition, they did take the situation seriously and put safeguards in place as far as hiring an animal handler and putting those new guidelines in place.