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Call of Duty Elite getting Tablet app

Coming to Tablets everywhere
Coming to Tablets everywhere

Activision has announced that Call of Duty Elite's mobile app will be showing up on iOS and Android tablets.

It stands to reason that Activision would want to get the service onto tablets, as the phone version quickly racked up two million downloads. While a release date for the tablet app has not yet been announced, it is expected to have cross-compatibility with PC, Mac, and Xbox 360 service. It will also feature the same sort of functionality that the mobile phone version has, like the ability to customize your loadout.

Speaking of the tablet version of the App, Activision product developer Noah Heller said: "We're working on the tablet app right now, I can't tell you much about it but what I can ell is that it will be a truly native, customized application for the tablet, it's not just a simple port. Once we saw how popular the mobile app was we realized, 'look we have to build something special for tablet.'"

Are you a Call of Duty Elite user? Interested in the tablet version? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments section!