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Call of Duty director on Exoskeleton, plus player customization in single-player

Sledgehammer Games certainly cannot be accused of playing it safe with most any aspect of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, one aspect catching most players eyes are the exoskeletons and how they'll affect the game overall. Senior Development Director Aaron Halon discussed how the exo will progress with the player, and how players will customize their experience come full release.

The terrifying prospect that exoskeleton soldiers will inevitably be running around the field aside, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's exoskeletons look to deliver new ways to move, dodge, and traverse the entirety of the world. Your exo will progress with you in Advanced Warfare, and your choices will dictate what abilities you unlock and how you influence the battlefield.

"We have an upgrading system in the campaign," Halon said, "It’s all through the exoskeleton, so you can improve and trick out your Exoskeleton as the game goes on."

Halon continues to explain that players earn upgrade points by completing challenges, those challenges and points go towards making your exo a more fleshed out battle machine, and extension of yourself. Halon said,

Players really get to decide how they want to improve their character. There are several different challenges and requirements you have to meet in order to earn upgrades.

This progression allows players creative freedom over their exo and the game itself, while it remains to be seen if the unlock tree is able to be fully applied during one play, or if some abilities are exclusive of others, the concept of completing these challenges to unlock points will motivate players to push forward.

Halon also described how the exo abilities will recharge and cool down, while some do have a limited use, some are completely necessary to use constantly. Halon explained,

The Exoskeleton can fit in with lots of different abilities like boost jumping, cloaking, grapple rappel lines or magnetic gloves. Some of them do require some battery power to recharge. Other things like in the case of boost jumping, you can do it constantly.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare releases on Xbox and Playstation consoles on November 4, with "Day Zero Edition" grants players a day of early access, bonus XP, and some other goodies.

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