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Call for submissions: Songwriter's Market

The 2013 Songwriter's Market is accepting submissions for songwriting articles, etc.

Do you write songs or have songwriting connections? If so, the 2013 Songwriter’s Market is the book for you. The 2013 Songwriter’s Market is by Roseann Biederman for Writer’s Digest Books.

Roseann Biederman is content editor for Writer's Digest Books, and Writer's Workbook editor for Writer's Digest magazine. She writes for the "There Are No Rules" blog on, the Writer's Digest magazine website, and her work has appeared in regional and national magazines.

The new editor, James Duncan, says, "We're looking for articles on songwriting technique, music promotion, current DIY and social media tools for musicians, etc."

No matter what genre of music you write – country, pop, jazz, Christian, blues, rock, hip hop – to name a few, the 2013 Songwriter’s Market from Writer's Digest is a must-have for any experienced or beginner songwriter. This trusted book about the songwriting market has been sharing tips, advice, and vital information from music industry contacts with readers all over the country for more than 35 years. Inside you’ll find:

  • How to make it in the songwriting market music industry - strategies and tips for promoting your music writing to producers, music publishers, record companies, and music booking agents
  • Essential information about the songwriting process, including articles on topics such as music copyright, songwriting terms, and music publishing
  • Listings for music licensing opportunities and venue locations so you can begin booking your own tours
  • Free songwriting tips and advice from famous songwriters

If you’re interested, just follow these simple instructions:

  • Pitch an article to James Duncan at with the subject line: 2014 Songwriter’s Market Pitch.
  • Include pitch (or three) in one e-mail message. Remember: One e-mail is easier to manage than several. Avoid attachments.
  • Deadline: ASAP. If you can get submissions to James by 1/21/13, I’m sure he’d appreciate it.

Order the book at the Writer’s Digest Shop. Find more writing tips at Writers Digest Magazine.


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