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Call for calm, must include a pledge for change

Save the children
Save the children
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

The violence in Ferguson, MO must come to an end. Those who are instigating the looting, rock throwing and other hostile behavior against fellow citizens and the police have to stop. All they are doing is masking the real issues which are so vitally important to the community. If these protesters truly care for Michael Brown, his family and the fight for justice, they need to allow the judicial system, although flawed, to correct the injustice of this wrongful death.

That being said, we as Americans should now vow that black kids will no longer be killed senselessly. We must begin to hold not merely those who commit the crimes but politicians, community leaders and all police officers responsible for protecting the lives of our children. This responsibility does not start at the moment that the trigger is pulled, it begins when a politician is elected, a community leader is bestowed the mantle of leadership or a police officer is sworn to duty. This is where so many not only in Ferguson but all over this nation have been let down.

After listening to interviews from various politicians from Missouri, I still fail to hear any of them acknowledge the need for change. The Mayor of Ferguson vehemently denies that there is even a problem. However, when a community that is predominately black is policed by a force that does not have a black officer from that community, Mr. Mayor, there is a problem; when all police officers are not integrated in to the community they patrol, Mr. Mayor, there is a problem; and when a young police officer feels it necessary to shoot an unarmed kid 6 times, 2 times in the head, I respectfully disagree, Mr. Mayor, there is a problem.

Ferguson, like many other communities in America is just a ticking time bomb. With high unemployment, poor education and segregated housing, these neighborhoods need to be given the attention they deserve. It is unfortunate that it takes tragic incidents like this to awaken America to the necessity for providing opportunity and hope to these struggling areas.

We need to stop acting like these sections are isolated and do not affect other communities. The drugs which are sold in these areas are bought by many white kids who bring them back to the suburbs; the guns that are present in these forgotten areas may be the next guns that are used to shoot up a school in the suburbs; and the police officer who is overzealous in these areas may become a little trigger happy in the suburbs.

The responsibility to stop violence against our kids rests in the hands of all of us. If we continue to look the other way and forget about the last incident, merely waiting to react to the next tragedy, the lives our children will continue to be sacrificed in vain. Michael Brown and many others will die needlessly.

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