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Call centers - an effective customer support channel

Call center assistance is still one of the more favored support channels today.
Call center assistance is still one of the more favored support channels today.

Providing quality customer support has become a necessity for every business that wants to succeed in the industry. The current market trend shows that companies are now using customer support assistance as a means of distinguishing themselves from competition in the industry. While most product offerings are similar in one way or the other, organizations have recognized and adopted customer service as a means of attracting and retaining potential customers from their target segment.

As the importance of customer service continues to grow, companies have started adopting and implementing new and unique techniques to get feedback from their clients, and help them resolve their inquiries and complaints. While emails and social media platforms are effective customer support channels, call centers are still a preferable support channel favored by a majority of the potential customer market. Though new methods have penetrated the market, call center assistance is still a very effective option for ensuring support to new and existing customers.

Persisting Preference For Call Centers

According to a survey, around 79% of consumers prefer to use call centers and live phone conversations as a method of getting in touch with a brand. Only 33% prefer contact via emails, while 10% favor to get in touch with a company to resolve their issues and complaints through an automated phone system.

The reason that call centers are still a much favored mode of getting in touch with the customer service support of a company is that this service offers direct contact and easy resolution of issues compared to many other feedback methods.

Call centers have specially trained personnel who have the expertise and experience to assist a variety of customers throughout a multitude of situations. Companies invest in call centers to provide their client base with a communication platform which is easy to use, and can be simply accessed at any time, from anywhere.

Compared to automated calls, call centers are much more preferred by potential and existing customers, as the service enables them to actually contact a representative of the company who can respond to their questions and help them through their issues.

Automated calls do not serve the entire purpose of support assistance, as the client has to deal with a system response, which is limited. Communicating and discussing product and service issues with a company employee, is an effective way of resolving all complaints and inquiries.

Live calls also ensure prompt response and an effective solution to the problem or query at hand. Emails and letters, along with other communication methods, do not offer the assurance of prompt response like that of call centers. That is why a majority of consumers prefer contacting call centers as a means of resolving an issue or a complaint, and getting suitable a response to their inquiries about the product and service details, provided by the brand.

The ease of simply communicating one’s problems and questions to a professional customer service representative holds that this service assistance method will not quickly go out of the priority list.

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