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Accessibility is a very important issue.  You are constantly plagued by the economy.  If you aren't worrying about the prices of gas you are likely worrying about 3D movie tickets to Avatar (Pocahontas in space).  The simple truth is that everyone doesn't have easy access to a gym or an abundance of weights.  There are even those who don't desire to lift weights.  So where does one find a solution? 

Unfortunately there is no loop hole.  In order to lose weight you need to use weight.  If you frequent fitness magazines or sites such as "", you'll know in order to effectively lose weight you should practice weight lifting a minimum of three times per week.  Why not let your own body weight do the work for you?  One is indeed the loneliest number.  But in the context of calisthenics (a workout for the lone wolf) all you need is your own body weight.

Calisthenics has been around for an enduring time.  It is related to Greco Roman Gymnastics. By popular opinion it is considered to have originated in Greece.  Noted for its organization, calisthenics are commonly used in the military and sports.  It utilizes simple movements withouth weights.  For the person that does frequent weights calisthenics are a good warmup for strength and flexibility.  Calisthenics also go hand in hand with stretching. 

A good point to remember is the importance of stretching, flexibility, and core strength.  There are many calisthenic exercises that are a capital means to strengthen the core.  This alows for more effecient movement, better technique, and one will naturally be capable of lifting more with stronger core muscles.  Planks are a type of calisthenic for the purpose of strengthening your core.  Pilates also work well for this purpose.

Some popular calisthenic excercises include:

  • Squats
  • Push-ups
  • Pull-ups
  • Dips
  • Crunches
  • Sit-ups
  • Lunges

Any equipment used for calisthenics can be found in gyms.  Pull-up bars and dip apparatuses (you can get creative for these) are a few machines that can be used for calisthenics.  Some popular gyms in Gainesville are: Gainesville Health & Fitness, Alter Ego Fitness, and Powerhouse Fitness.  You can also find this equipment in fitness stores or even Walmart. 

For more info: Go to a gym and mingle with the staff.




  • Ira Baker 5 years ago

    Good info keep it coming. I find calistthenics to bw a great warm up before weight lifting.

  • April A. Barron 5 years ago

    Nice job! Now to get the motivation to actually work out! augh!

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