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CaliMojos flip flops are special and great for the summer

CaliMojos flip flops are  fun, special and great for the summer!
CaliMojos flip flops are fun, special and great for the summer!
photo courtesy of CaliMojos, used with permission

CaliMojos flip-flops are a classic and a fad-less fashion trend that’s here to stay. They're incredibly comfortable even when you're on your feet all day long. Calimojos are special flip-flops, because they have straps that magically change colors! The secret is the sun which makes them work. Whenever you step outside, the UV rays will change the colors of the straps, making them coordinate with the color of the shoe themselves. As a result, the straps are clear when indoors, and they change to colors when outdoors in the sunlight.

The color changing factor of the Calimojos is very unique, and these flip-flops are a great way to make a statement. They are perfect for the beach or the pool because they are easy to clean and won't get damaged in water. They come in a wide range of fashionable colors with pretty designs, like butterflies and flowers. There is even a little bling on the straps to make them really stand out. Calimojos are super comfortable and unique, so be sure to get extra pairs for your mom, sister and BFF.

Product Details: Determined to take this undying fashion statement up a notch, Solar Active International brings its unmatched UV color-changing technology into the footwear game with its newest product: CaliMojos. A vibrant addition to any wardrobe, CaliMojos flip-flops are enhanced with UV-activated technology that instantly floods their straps with color as soon as they hit the sunlight. Indoors, the straps are opaque and understated. But the second your foot’s out the door, the rhinestone-adorned straps intensify with bold, bright hues. It comes in four uplifting color options (orange, blue, pink, and white) and two unique designs (floral/tropical or butterfly). CaliMojos are definitely a must-have for fabulous feet this summer.

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