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Californication inches closer to Series Finale with 'Daughter'

Hank Moody (David Duchovny) - Californication
Hank Moody (David Duchovny) - Californication
Photo credit - flick user Mobu26

Showtime's series stalwart, Californication, aired its second to last episode of the series last night, "Daughter", with Hank's daughter Becca finally returning to the show at the crux of his latest drama.

Currently Showtime's longest running series, Californication, has just one episode left before the network retires its troubled womanizing writer, Hank Moody, (David Duchovny) for good. The seventh season, which is coming to a close next Sunday, is showing how just about anyone, even Hank Moody, can come full circle.

The show has spent seven seasons exploring Hank's continuous writer's block and insatiable sexual appetite, the both of which were the creative driving forces behind the show's early popularity. Season 7 of Californication, still touches on Hank's inability to make the moral decision (dealing with two baby's mommas), however, this season Hank and his on-going 'on again, off again' romance with longtime love interest Karen, will provide closure for Hank and the series' fans. Ahead of next week's finale, will Hank and Karen finally ride off into the sunset together, or will he and his other baby's momma, Julia (Heather Graham) create a life together with son Levon? Either way, it looks like Hank will choose one path or the next without dealing with the ambiguity of past seasons providing audiences and Hank with some closure.

In last night's episode, "Daughter", Hank's first known child, Becca, made her series debut, returning just in time to land right in the middle of Hank's most recent batch of drama, the situation between new love interest Julia and old flame Karen. The inevitable meeting between Becca and Levon, had been foreshadowed throughout the season, and finally takes place. The sarcastic Hank Moody clone, in his daughter Becca, shows up with her own news, but is forced to take a backseat to her father's issues yet again. Her and Levon's meeting falls short of magical and manifests a new challenge for Hank, who is already watching his professional life and family life come tumbling down.

Last night's episode "Daughter" sets the tone for next week's finale, which finds Hank and the cast with many loose ends to tie in one final episode. A glimpse into where Hank's story may take him appears in a conversation between Hank and Rath, in which Rath attempts to talk Hank into writing about his own life. Will that story include his long time love Karen and daughter Becca, or will the story of his life include his other flame Julia, and their son Levon? Tune in to Showtime next Sunday, June 29, to find out.