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Californians take stand on gun rights – refuse to turn In banned magazines

California may be one of the blues of liberal states in the nation but a growing number of legal firearm owners are saying get the hell away from my gun magazines, according to Infowars. When the city of Sunnyvale, California passed legislation to neutralize gun owners’ right to so-called “high capacity” magazines and force them to rid themselves of them, a growing number are refusing.

Sunnyvale, California banned high capacity  weapon magazines like the  Magpul PMAG 30-round magazine
photo credit - Infowars

California like many states including New York, Connecticut and Colorado erupted in demonization of gun owners by targeting them with strict gun control legislation. The goal was made clear from the White House all the way down to the officials in Sunnyvale; confiscate guns, emasculate gun ownership and eradicate gun owners’ Second amendment right to bear arms.

For the liberal overreaching city officials the unthinkable happened as the clock struck midnight bringing the new law into effect last Thursday. Not a whisper could be heard from gun owners. Not one owner obeyed the unconstitutional weapon magazine law which “requires residents with rifle magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition to dispose of them or else,” reported Info Wars.

It appears that gun owners decided to take the “or else” consequences and not turn in the now banned weapon magazines to the police. Now unless the cops in Sunnyvale want to get Gestapo on the gun owner residents, like the state of Connecticut is threatening to do reported Free Patriot, they will wait and see what happens.

That wait and see attitude is being expressed by the city’s former mayor who while supporting the unconstitutional assault on owner’s gun rights, commented that he felt the measure will help but, “acknowledged the ban essentially criminalizes law-abiding citizens and that the law is flawed,” according to Info Wars.

As each city’s law-abiding residents take an individual and collective stand for protecting their Second Amendment rights, the gun control advocates will be having the door shown to them as a reminder what free people in a free nation can and will do.

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