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Californians physically block illegal alien 'dumping' in their communities

In a move that some mainstream news outlets are characterizing as vigilantism, a number of Californians on Tuesday physically blocked the "dumping" of about 145 illegal aliens, transported from Texas, in their suburban communities forcing the Obama-ordered bus caravan to retreat back to the Mexican border, according former police chief Douglas Huddleston.

American citizens are beginning to learn the tactics used by illegal aliens and their leftist supporters in protesting U.S. immigration policy.
Courtesy of Police Times/Paul Tanton

According to Chief Huddleston, American citizens in southern California are beginning to rise up to protect their homes from Obama's encouraged invasion by illegal aliens, some of whom are wearing "gang tattoos" and have not undergone any sort of screening process.

Hundred of illegal aliens, mostly women and youths had been processed at a Homeland Security Department (DHS) facility in Texas and were shipped on government buses to the California's Murietta township. But a virtual wall of people who never participated in protests before this latest Obama White House scheme, physically blocked the roadways leading into their town forcing the bus drivers to make unscheduled u-turns brought their passengers to a holding facility near the Mexican border not far from San Diego, Calif.

According to Murrieta’s elected officials, they and the mayor were told a few days ago that the illegal aliens would bused into the town. What troubled the officials and in turn the town's residents was the news that the illegal aliens will be released into their communities under with very little supervision while they await the results of President Barack Obama's deportation executive order.

"The citizens of Murrieta believed that the unexamined illegal aliens would be left in the town and magically reappear with green cards thanks to state and federal politicians seeking a 'lock' on the Latino vote," said political strategist Michael Barker.

On Monday, the day before the mini-uprising, Murrieta's Mayor Alan Long released a statement in which he told the Obama administration that his constituents overwhelmingly objected the illegal aliens moving into the town, but he said he understood that city officials such as police officers, could not legally do anything to block Obama's immigration plan.

“They’re not deporting them. They’re transporting them here to be processed and to be released into the communities. A lot of people don’t know where to go. They have nowhere to go,” said Border Patrol Agents Union official Ron Zermeno.

Meanwhile, a government-contracted security force reportedly threatened doctors and nurses with arrest if they discussed the threat of contagious diseases at a temporary camp created to house illegal alien children in San Antonio, Texas, sources say.

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