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Californians called to voluntarily conserve water

David Malcolm of High Sierra Showerheads® speaks about California’s need to conserve water.
David Malcolm of High Sierra Showerheads® speaks about California’s need to conserve water.
Amy Nilson

If you’re using a 2.5 gallon per minute showerhead, which is what most people are using, water savings is about 40 percent after replacing that 2.5 gallon a minute with the High Sierra 1.5 gallon a minute showerhead. And you’re also saving about that much in the energy to heat the water.

David Malcolm of High Sierra Showerheads® speaks about California’s need to conserve water.
Amy Nilson

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According to David Malcolm of High Sierra Showerheads®, “fresh water in even in good years in California is scarce”. Malcolm said, “We never have more than we need”. With California facing another drought year, and currently feeling the pinch with only five percent of California’s annual rainfall, water usage has made its way to the top of the news.

California’s government officials have begun to ask water users to conserve their water by up to 40% in the Central Valley, with neighboring areas expected to follow. Malcolm said, “My recommendation to everybody is upgrade their irrigation systems to use more water efficient type sprinklers, and in the case of showers retrofitting with High Sierra Showerheads®”.

Malcolm said. High Sierra Showerheads® are made to fit existing hoses and shower head assemblies. “Right now we are just making showerheads, but down the road, I think it would be really neat if we were able to offer an entire package to people,” Malcolm said. “We can offer the State of California hundreds of thousands of gallons in water savings”. After irrigation, water used in the home is with the showerheads.

The showerheads cost from thirty to seventy dollars depending on the type of showerhead and the accessories that come along with them. Malcolm explains, “I have been in the irrigation business since the 1980’s, as I followed my dad into the business”.

Malcolm’s father was a product designer for major sprinkler manufacture who later started his own business making sprinkler heads for irrigation. Malcolm said, “He always used new ways to help conserve energy and water”. Malcolm inherited his business sense from his father and began to focus on ways of conserving water through new designs and technology redesigning showerheads.

“Back a few years ago I came up with a unique nozzle that creates a spray at a very low pressure stream of water,” Malcolm said. The pressure behind the showerhead is its technological design that focuses a small stream of water into a nozzle and then creates a spray. Malcolm said, “It’s important when you are creating a spray for a showerhead that those droplets be large”.

The spray then goes through the nozzle at a very low pressure, in turn which creates a spray from only a gallon and half a minute and breaks that stream into large droplets. Those large droplets are what make it feel like more water than what it really is. Malcolm said, “It’s very, very low pressure. But it feels like high pressure because of the large droplet size”.

Several designs have been introduced since his inception and design of the 15 psi nozzle High Sierra Showerheads®. The handheld is simply a High Sierra Showerhead® mounted onto a wand.

“What I noticed when I first introduced the handheld when I installed it I noticed that it didn’t spray at an angle that would allow you to take a shower in its holder standing there beneath the showerhead. I thought that would be really cool if you could hang it up in the holder and use it as a regular showerhead or take it down and use it as a handheld. So, this new one that I just introduced this month does exactly that. It points almost straight down when it’s in the holder. It serves two purposes. It’s a dual purpose showerhead. It’s handheld. And it also works like a fixed showerhead.”

If the drought continues much longer, there is not going to be enough water for everyone. It takes years to construct a new dam or an aqueduct to move water here to there. We really only have one option, and that’s to conserve. I offer and manufacture water saving showerheads, so that’s my recommendation is the first thing you do, and really it’s the easiest thing out of everything you can do replacing your sprinklers is a lot of work. “Replacing a toilet is very expensive. Replacing a showerhead has so much more bang for its buck,” Malcolm said. “It doesn’t cost too much money, and the return on the investment is very fast”.

The average time a person is in the shower in this country is 5-10 minutes. With a High Sierra Showerhead you’re not going to have to increase that amount of time, you’re not going to have to decrease that amount of time you’re in the shower to save water. There is pressure on everyone in the State of California to save water.

“Everybody is going to be different, and that’s why I got three basic models, the basic we call it the classic model which is one that we originally introduced a few years ago,” Malcolm said. “We have come out with a new model Tenaya that’s five inches in diameter”. The showerhead is translucent so users can match different colors to the interior of their bathroom.

“For those people who prefer a handheld because it works so well if you just set it in the holder and stand under it or use it in your hand or move it around up and down your body,” Malcolm said.

The heavier weight of the showerheads is because they made of metal. Most hand held’s used today are made of plastic. If you drop them once, they can break. The handheld High Sierra Showerheads® is mostly made of metal with a porcelain grip. “It’s not going to break,” Malcolm said. So it’s going to last a long time.

High Sierra Showerheads® offers a thirty day satisfaction guarantee/warrantee for those who purchase their showerhead from their website. There is also a two year warranty for the showerhead. If for any reason you don’t like it you can return it in thirty days. You can send it back to High Sierra Showerheads® and they will repair it at no cost to you. And if they can’t repair it, they will then send you a new one.

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