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Okay. I hate to keep picking on the state of California. The weather is beautiful, the entire state is like a beachfront resort, they have Hollywood, the Lakers, and the Dodgers, and they have the worst political leaders in the free world.

First it was a fight over the size of chicken cages, then it's an attempt to legalize weed and criminalize Happy Meals, now they want to ban plastic grocery bags. Either the canvas bag lobby is really strong in the state, or the legislators in California have lost their minds.

Plastic grocery bags are the one thing that most families actually reuse. Check out any kitchen and you will probably find some sort of clever receptacle for plastic bags. We used to have one that looked like a cow. The bags came out of it's rear, funny.

Even more funny is the fact that the do-gooders in California are also speaking out of the same hole that my reusable plastic bags came out of. It's good for the environment, they say. How is it good for the environment? How does a plastic bag, used several times over, hurt the environment. I'll tell you how. Apparently, the plastic bag makers didn't bribe, sorry, contribute to the right campaign in the most recent election cycle.

That's what this is all about. Like everything else that happens in California, it's all about paying the right price to the right people for the right thing. What happens to be right right now is the fight against plastic grocery bags. Tomorrow they may require special tagging mechanisms on your legally owned handguns. Wait, they already have that. That's why two of the largest gun-makers are pulling out of California. Good riddance say the good citizens of the good state.

Well, what happens when it becomes too expensive for other businesses to do business in the state? Things begin to cost more when there are less of them. Many will be able to afford it, but many more will not. What happens then?

California has always been the place where dreamers go, it is becoming the place where dreams go to die. Plastic bags, guns, free enterprise, all have a price on them, and the price in the great state of California has just been raised. Who will rise to meet it? Maybe China. Nobody here can afford it now.

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