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California woman claims that her pick-up truck is haunted by her dead boyfriend

Deanna Stinson says that her boyfriend Alex has been haunting her since 2005
Deanna Stinson says that her boyfriend Alex has been haunting her since 2005
Photo courtesy of CBS

A California woman claims that her dead boyfriend is haunting her pick-up truck. The woman had to sell the truck because she has been having strange and terrifying things happen to her ever since his death, CBS News reported last week.

Deanna Stinson says her dead boyfriend Alex haunts her pick-up truck
Photo courtesy of CBS

Cosmetology student Deanna Stinson believes that her boyfriend Alex haunts her pick-up truck. The 22-year-old dated Alex in 2005 for a month and during their brief relationship, he died of a drug overdose. Stinson says that his spirit has been haunting ever her since.

The first encounter happened three days after his death. Stinson claims that she was driving in Sacramento one night when she felt something touching her. She was wearing a skirt that Alex had really liked.

"I could feel touching on my hair and on my shoulders, on my thighs, just everywhere. My concentration would be lost a lot of the times, but I would just pray, and then it would stop," Stinson told CBS Sacramento.

The beauty school student says she saw Alex numerous times in the rearview mirror while driving. She even claimed to see him sitting in the passenger seat next to her. Stinson had one encounter where Alex appeared in the backseat and gave her a shoulder massage.

"I was starting to get freaked out and I don't like to be touched by ghostly hands, especially when I am driving," Stinson said in an interview with Knight Talk Radio.

Stinson enlisted the help of a paranormal investigator Paul Dale Roberts to examine the car. Roberts has written several books on paranormal phenomena. When investigating the truck, Roberts recorded a male voice that he believes comes from a spirit that is attached Stinson.

"He’s definitely probably not attached to his car, but he’s attached to Deanna," Roberts said.

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