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California UFO sightings shot down by federal authorities in the USA

California UFO sightings have been called in by citizens all over the Golden State but federal authorities say this just isn't the case. The powers that be insist that there has been a lack of "unusual flight activity," according to ABC News on Jan. 3.

California UFO sightings are not new: Unidentified flying objects have been seen for years
Wikimedia Commons

The news source says American citizens in Stockton, Sacramento and Auburn saw what seemed to be a half dozen orange lights in formation. One Californian was able to use her iPhone to get the image on video.

The reports come from sightings that took place on New Year's Eve but after alleged investigation, the Federal Aviation Administration knocked down any chance that these sightings were unidentified flying objects. In fact, an FAA spokesperson said there were no reports that would indicate such activity.

Still, the suspicion that there actually has been California UFO action is enhanced by the fact that sightings were also said to be made in Sweden on New Year's Day, which was still New Year's Eve back here in the USA.

In the European country, a UFO-Sweden investigator suggests that these kinds of behaviors are common at this time of the year.

Tobias Lindgren said, "A lot of the reports during New Year are triggered by the Thai lanterns. Every year, I investigate between 50 and 60 sightings."

He continued by commenting, "I expect to have a lot to do this year, too. People think the lanterns are UFOs, but I recognize them immediately." He added, "Some people are very relieved when they find out." And some, most likely, are not.

So, while California UFO sightings are shot down by federal authorities in the USA, some of these sighting are also shot down by alien hunters in Sweden. A coincidence? Perhaps.

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