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California to open illegal alien-only DMV facility

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In a few months, a new DMV facility is opening in Lompoc. However, this one will be unique, in that it will only be used to process the so-called 'driver's privilege card' applications for illegal aliens.

The new office will open in an existing building on North H Street in the fall.

The state has leased the property for the next five years, according to Lompoc Mayor John Linn.

KCBX reported:

The DMV location will serve as a regional center, taking applications from a broad geographic area, including San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties."

In October, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill into law, granting driver's licenses to illegal aliens.

During a signing ceremony at the Los Angeles City Hall, Gov. Brown stated:

This is only the first step. When a million people without their documents drive legally with respect to the state of California, the rest of this country will have to stand up and take notice. No longer are undocumented people in the shadows," reported the L.A. Times.

California officials expect to process 1.4 million driver's license applications for illegals aliens over the next three years, at a cost of $140 million to $220 million to the taxpayers.

Nevada, New Mexico and Utah currently offer driver's licenses to illegal aliens.

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