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California third-graders caught smoking pot in elementary school bathroom

Three third-graders were caught last week in an elementary school bathroom attempting to get high, according to California authorities. The local police chief said it was the youngest pot bust he had ever experienced.

Reuters reported (via Yahoo News) March 5 that three boys were arrested -- two 8-year-olds and one 9-year-old -- for smoking marijuana last Thursday when another student at the school informed administrators, who then alerted local law enforcement.

Sonora Police Chief Mark Stinson noted that the previous youngest person he had ever seen arrested for smoking pot had been 10 years old.

Sonora superintendent Leigh Shampain confirmed that the elementary students were caught smoking marijuana at the school, but when asked by CBS San Francisco how the three boys might be disciplined, he had no comment.

Stinson said the boys seemed to have little experience with marijuana and declined to comment on anything the boys said. The third-graders were questioned by authorities and were released to their parents.

As to where the marijuana came from, Stinson said that "it came from several sources."

Only a small amount of pot was seized, along with a pipe.

Chief Stinson said an investigation into the matter would continue to determine whether the boys could be considered criminally culpable. California law dictates that no one under 12 is usually charged with a crime. However, it is possible the three boys could be subject to juvenile justice proceedings.

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