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California teens playing hooky hailed as heroes, rescued elderly woman from fire

Three teen boys that decided to skip their morning classes at a California high school to get something to eat got more than they bargained for. As reported by NBC Bay Area on March 19, the students didn't think twice about going into a burning home on Monday to rescue a 94-year-old woman, and her dog, too. They are now being hailed as heroes.

Fire erupted in home where boys rescued an elderly woman.
Photo by Ian Forsyth/Getty Images

Peter Kravariotis, Kirill Yantikov and Garen Kissoyan first saw the two-alarm fire as they were driving by in their car in San Ramon around 10 a.m. They stopped to see what was happening and found out that there was still a woman inside that couldn't get out. The 17-year-old California High students sprang into action without question to enter the burning house.

The woman’s daughter, Dianna Davis, was supposedly already out of the house and calling 911 for help as they walked up. She eventually told the boys that her elderly mother was still trapped inside. The teens found the woman and rescued her, along with her dog.

"When we picked up the chair and we grabbed the dog, the only thing she said to us was 'I'm on fire,' and it was kind of shocking to me to hear that," Kravariotis said.

One of the neighbors, Bob Smith, had said that he had tried going in to rescue the woman before the boy’s showed up, but he was unsuccessful.

"The elderly lady, she would have been gone a minute and a half more," Smith said. "I don't think she could have survived. I went in there and couldn't see my hand in front of my face. It was that bad."

Firefighters arrived and took care of the blaze. The cause of the fire is unknown at this time. Both women were taken to the hospital. Davis was said to be fine. However, her mother is listed in critical condition at the burn center in San Francisco.

Kissoyan said in the interview that it might have been crazy, but they went with their first instinct at that moment to go into the burning house. That instinct saved a woman’s life.

Even though the trio chose to cut classes, California High principal, Mark Corti, told KTVU that he is very proud of them and has publicly recognized them for their bravery.

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