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California Supreme Court overrules Senate Bill 420; any restrictions on a patient's amount of pot?

In California v. Kelley, the Supreme Court struck down the limitations that were placed on Marijuana ownership by individuals in SB 420, codified as section 11362.77 of the California Health and Safety Code.

The suit was based on the arrest of Mr. Kelley for exceeding the guidelines that were set out in SB 420, which attempted to amend proposition 215, which restricted medicinal marijuana patients to 8 ounces of marijuana in order to give law enforcement power to restrict  potential 'abuses of the proposition.'

As quoted in the Associated Press, Joe Elford, the top lawyer for Americans for Safe Access, stated

"The California Supreme Court did the right thing by abolishing limits on medical marijuana possession and cultivation....  At the same time, the Court may have left too much discretion to law enforcement in deciding what are reasonable amounts of medicine for patients to possess and cultivate."


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