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California State Fair Brewers Festival 2014

The California State Fair still has a few days left for 2014, but those not making it to the Brewers Festival Saturday July 19th missed out on the major beer event for the fair. About two dozen breweries displayed and poured their beers, many award-winning, to the crowd of 2000 or so. A ceremony took place an hour and a half before the opening for the presentation of awards to the breweries. Track 7 of Sacramento was awarded a Golden Bear for their Panic IPA which was chosen by the judges panel as best of the first place beers (Best Of Show) June 22nd at DBI in West Sacramento during the final day of judging. Owner and brewer Ryan Graham got the word about an hour after the decision was made. Opening on the last day in 2012, this is one of a few Sacramento-area breweries that operates out of a warehouse, and like some they have food trucks on a regular basis to provide good food for their customers. They have just announced that they are leasing property in Natomas to hold what will be their main production facility, and this will include packaging of beer (kegs for draft accounts is assumed), and their original facility by Sac City College will start producing sour beers, as well as pilot batches.

Schooners with their award for best brewery based on their winnings.
David Teckam
Ryan Graham of Track 7
David Teckam

Other awards included Schooner's of Antioch who earned the first "Brewer's Paddle" from the State Fair as tallied by their winning entries (see picture in the slideshow).

A $20 ticket got members of the public in for 10-5oz. samples for three hours. More shade was provided from the previous year (and slightly cooler temperatures), and there is the continuous effort to improve the event, especially as growth is inevitable.