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California's PEZ and Tattoo Museums

Pround PEZ Museum owner
Pround PEZ Museum owner
Sandra Scott

There are museums dedicated to all manner of people and things. The Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. where it would take years to see everything claims to be the world’s largest museum complex. At the other end of the spectrum there are small unique museums dedicated to one item. Most were started by someone with a passion for their topic and can be viewed in an hour. When in California check out these unique museums.

Pez Museum, Burlington, California: If a person has a passion it is only natural they would want to share. Gary Doss opened a museum in 1995 to share his love of PEZ Candy. He claims to have one of every Pez dispenser ever sold. He has over 900 of them plus many more PEZ-related items. He also sells PEZ products. Check out the giant man-size PEZ dispenser. PEZ was first manufactured in Austria in 1927 as a breath mint but soon became very popular in the United State.

Triangle Tattoo & Museum, Fort Bragg: The museum was founded in 1986 by tattoo artists Mr. G. and Madame Chinchilla who have written about tattoos and been interviewed on television based on their decades of experience. There are samples of tattoos from around the world including images of the Maori of New Zealand with traditional Moko tattoos. “Tattoos without Consent” is a thought-provoking display of tattoos from Germany, China, and Russia. Check out the Women’s Wall, an exhibit dedicated to portraits of tattooed women from different cultures and eras.