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California researcher's find of Triceratops has evolutionists hot and bothered

Will a researcher's find be the Waterloo for evolution?
Will a researcher's find be the Waterloo for evolution?
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In “Planet of the Apes”, an ape scientist would rather destroy empirical evidence that would refute their belief system than admit the mistaken premise that man was not the superior being and preceded the ape culture. After all, the ape creator made ape in his image in an analogy of the biblical Creation story.

There are “keepers of the faith” in every society who are ready to use any means possible to maintain their presuppositions on the order of things. It is not really science, but ever ready diligence to crush any opposition to their flat Earth beliefs.

There is an intellectual tug of war concerning philosophy on our college campuses and it has little to do with science.

The role of science is to investigate the truth wherever it may lead based on scientific evidence of testing, observation, or measuring.

So what does one do when hard physical evidence is found that would refute the evolutionary theory and timeline? You fire the person responsible.

It is not surprising that a progressive California college would rather fire the researcher than deal with the earth shattering evidence that could disprove evolution. Validating a potential Creation timeline would be utterly preposterous. Perhaps that is why Cal State University Northridge dismissed Mark Armitage who has a Master of Science degree because "suddenly his research money was gone".

Controversy began brewing when Armitage took part in an archaeological dig at the Hell Creek Formation near Glendive, Montana. Armitage found a Triceratops horn which according to evolutionary thinking existed from 68 million to 65 million years ago BC.

What was quite different with this Triceratops horn was soft tissue attached and what appeared to be live osteocytes on the horn. Armitage was training several students on the electron microscope at the time and quizzed his students what they thought the age of the evidence implied. He wondered if the evidence pointed to a more recent timeframe than the 65 million years believed by evolutionary thinkers.

Back at the college a naively excited student went and talked to Dr. Ernes Kwok about the surprising find. Dr. Kwok, who is head of the college’s electron-microscopy/confocal committee, became angry. Enraged by Armitage's evidence, Dr. Kwok rushed to the EM Lab and verbally ripped into Armitage by saying,

“We are not going to tolerate your religion in this department. This is a science department and we want only science here, not your creationist projects or your religion!!”

Dr. Kwok was preparing to kill the messenger because he did not like the message.

All this is documented in a complaint filed in court by Armitage against Cal State University Northridge, Dr. Kwok, and some other college personnel for wrongful termination and religious discrimination.

On the same day that Armitage’s research was published with Alta Histochemica on February, 12, 2013, Dr. Kwok convened a meeting in which Armitage was not invited. The agenda was how to get rid of Armitage. Dr. Kwok then ordered that the agenda, minutes, and even the meeting be kept a secret from Armitage.

Although religion was never mentioned in the paper filed with Alta Histochemica or at the college Armitage worked, Dr. Kwok attacked Armitage on the basis that the research suggested a much younger hypothesis of the age of the Triceratops that what evolutionary science declared. Having contrary findings to what science repeatedly declared was the outrage that unhinged Dr. Kwok. A valid finding if true by Armitage would destroy the evolutionary timeline.

Dr. Kwok could not dispute the potential findings of Armitage which needs further validation, but Dr. Kwok became angry that his sacred cow was being punctured by potential evidence.

Nobody can dispute that Armitage found osteocytes in a Triceratops horn. Also fibrillar bone tissue along with the sheets of never-mineralized osteocytes was also present. What this means is an analysis can be substantiated that the death of the Triceratops could be far less than the millions of years often quoted by evolution believers. This is the potential that made Dr. Kwok livid.

Discovery as what Armitage uncovered with the Triceratops is just one example of the “keepers of the truth” using their authority to squash any dissent whether opinion or even more scary…evidence. They really do have the mentality of the ape scientist in the Planet of the Apes, their truth must be maintained at all cost.

Not allowing any other legitimate perspective conflict with Dr. Kwok's sacred truth is right out of the Dark Ages. It also ceases to be science.

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