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California puts pot on the Ballot

Peter Tosh sung the praises of legaliztion for years
Peter Tosh sung the praises of legaliztion for years

The state of California is set to vote on the legalization of Marijuana.  Huge budget deficits and crippling job losses have put the state's government into a huge hole.  A hole so deep, only the power and magic of marijuana can lift them from what would be a certain demise.

But who?  Who has changed their stance and why?

BOOM FLASH KAPOOW.  Why it is the Republican party.  What a miracle.  They finally realized that the war on drugs doesn't work?  They actually listened to scientist and researchers who report that Marijuana is mostly harmless?  They realized their favorite drink, alcohol, has a much worse affect on society and is legal?

No, no of course they don't care about all of that stuff.  They believe that marijuana will save them from the poor decisions they made which crippled their states economy. 

Most likely it will.  Marijuana is and has been a huge , booming industry for many many years.  The only problem?  It has been off the books and the money that should be going to schools and local farmers is going to Mexican organized crime syndicates.  Instead of funding their kidnapping programs the state should have been funding their social programs.   Well hopefully that will happen now that pot is on the ballot and seems to be gaining support from both sides of the aisle.  Ahh! money, seemingly the only catalyst for bipartisanship.