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California poet praises Monterey Jack in a poetic recipe

California is blessed with both rich, creamy cheeses and creative minds. Recently, this Examiner ran a small contest among California poets encouraging writing about California-made cheese in new and unique ways. Myriad excellent entries were received. Poets praised Monterey Jack, tangy blue cheese, Swiss style cheese, and comforting, local cheddar. Some poets even paired their vivid imagery or their subtle haiku with appetizing recipes. This month, a few of the most delicious poems will appear in this column.

The poem selected as the winner of the contest for the most vivid imagery was written by the Bay Area area poet Hector Timourian. His poem can also be considered an abstract recipe. Hector Timourian is a retired scientist and educator. A poet with a background in technical writing, he also writes short stories reflecting his multicultural background. He has published Gifts from America, a collection of short stories about his family. Enjoy his subtle yet mouth-watering poetic recipe below!

Quesadilla with Love
A poem and recipe by Hector Timourian

Shred Monterey Jack cheese with care
melt over fresh tortilla with caution
warm quesadilla with affection
add spicy salsa and guacamole with gusto
fold and tear into halves with passion
share and eat with lover.

Readers who enjoy vivid verse should also read the San Francisco Poetry Examiner at .