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California plastic bags, Bobby Jindal, Burger King, and Joe Biden

Just another Sunday moanin'.

California has sent Governor Jerry a Brown a bill which will ban one use plastic bags. If this isn't a feel good piece of legislation, then what is? It's simply too easy to make laws which have no practical effect yet look good. It sure beats dealing with infrastructure problems, eh, Sacramento?

Hooray for Bobby Jindal! The Louisiana Governor is suing the Obama Administration over the use of Common Core standards in education, saying it would violate states' rights (as education has always been primarily a state issue). We've never understood how liberals, the champions of diversity, have always went for large, nationwide mandates when it suits their purpose. Apparently, diversity requires large, ham handed government programs in order to survive. Who would have thought it?

Michigan Senator Carl Levin believes that any tax savings Burger King might gain as a result of buying the Canadian based Tim Horton's coffee store chain and moving its world headquarters to Canada would be offset by public displeasure of the move. That would mean an overall loss of revenue for the fast food giant.

We think the best conservative response would be to pick a day and eat at a local BK for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Why condemn a company for doing what's best for itself? Each one of us as individuals do the same for ourselves and families all the time. Why blame a big company for wanting to improve its tax status? Besides, crying about Burger King simply won't stop most Americans from going to one. The average guy just doesn't care about national and international tax questions when he wants a Whopper with onion rings.

Vice President Joe Biden will be here in Detroit for Labor Day. We cannot wait for his visit. It will make our Tuesday column very easy to pen.

Ciao, friends.

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