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California Pizza Kitchen Reimagines its Line of Oven-Ready Pizzas

Great combination of vegetables and cheeses!
Mari Ferrer

As the weather seems to finally be turning a corner and Spring break is well on its way here at The Woodlands, the last thing moms want to do is spend more time in the kitchen than outside. The solution? Let the oven do the work for you. California Pizza Kitchen has the perfect weekday treat for you: its line of reimagined pizzas.

It's happened to everyone: one look at the frozen pizza aisle can send you into choice overload paralysis. A lot of choices are the same, and this is where the reimagined pizzas stand out.

Fire Roasted Vegetables: This used to be a limited edition offering, but is now a permanent edition item. The combination of cheeses is unique, offering gouda, parmesan, asiago and romano. And, of course, the fire roasted veggies give this pizza a personality uniquely its own.

There are two limited edition pizzas currently available: Greek Recipe and Spicy Chipotle Chicken.

As well as the new toppings, you will still be able to find some of the favourite classics: pepperoni, white, Sicillian recipe and BBQ chicken.

You can find the new CPK pizzas at your local HEB, Kroger or Randall's all around the $6.00 mark.

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