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California pit bull owner convicted of elderly woman's murder, justice prevails

While what I’m going to say will not be popular with dog owners, the news today, August 30, printed in the Los Angeles Times, that Alex Jackson, of Lancaster, California, was convicted of murder in the grisly death of an elderly woman caused by his pit bulls.

Bruno, a one and a half year old pitbull dog believed to have attacked 10 year-old Shawn Jones with two other dogs, is kept in a pen at the Pinole Animal Services Center June 26, 2001 in Martinez, CA
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The victim of a pit bull attack, all I can say, is this was the right court decision. While I was unharmed when two pit bulls raced toward me, the same wasn’t true for a neighbor’s dog that I was walking. The pit bull grab the cocker spaniel’s ear and wouldn’t let go. The poor little cocker yelped and moaned while I lay on the ground tangled in the leash. This went on until my husband, who heard the yells, came running down the street with a baseball bat and pounded and pounded the pit bull to no avail, he wouldn’t let go until his owner finally showed up . Buffy, the spaniel, suffered a cut ear, I a sprained ankle. The owner ran off, but a friend chased after him and got his name and information. I didn’t press charges, but should have.

So when I read that the admitted pot-grower, was found guilty I let out a big cheer. Afterall his dogs brutally battered (the details are too gory for me to repeat) the 63 year-old-woman until she bleed to death. You can read more details here.

Jackson was also convicted for marijuana possession for sale and possession of a controlled substance. But his worse crime was not controlling dogs known for their ability to do great harm. The pit bulls were strays that Jackson rescued.

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