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California mystery animal roams streets: Bizarre creature baffles experts

A mystery animal is roaming the streets of the normally quiet town of Norwalk, California and residents are reportedly getting “jittery” over the animal. This elusive creature was captured on security cameras in the area during the wee hours of Friday morning, reports ABC News on August 5.

Mystery creature roams streets of small California town, but experts have no idea what it is.
YouTube screen shot

California Department of Fish and Wildlife have studied the grainy images and they can say with certainty that this is not a mountain lion. They still cannot identify what this animal is, many say it looks like an African lion, but zoos in the area are not missing any of their big cats.

While it is as big as a mountain lion, it does not have the tail that goes along with that species, so the animal is still a mystery today. The mayor of Norwalk is intrigued by the creature’s appearance. He states that the tail is all wrong for a mountain lion.

Residents of that town are keeping their dogs inside for now until the animal is identified, reports resident Elizabeth Colon. A zoo spokesperson, who also looked at the video in hopes of identifying the animal, said that it “appears to be a big cat of undetermined origin, possibly some kind of hybrid,” reports the Christian Science Monitor.

Craig Packer, who is a professor at the University of Minnesota’s Lion Research Center, agreed with the other experts that this creature does not look to be a mountain lion or a cougar. He believes it resembles an African lion.

Despite the extra police patrols that Norwalk has in place, no one has spotted the creature since it was seen on the security videos. Police caution the residents of Norwalk to call law enforcement if they spot the animal.

Needless to say most folks are not crazy about the idea of an animal that resembles an African lion running a muck in their neighborhood. Could the animal be a pet that got loose?

ABC News recalls a similar lion scare that took place in Virginia last year. A labradoodle dog named Charles was shaved to look like a lion. The dog looked so much like a lion that people called police thinking it was a lion.

With this creature in Norwalk, its gate does not resemble that of a dog. The big cat walks like a lion, he has the gate of one of the big cats you’d find in a jungle or zoo.

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