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California motorists, motorcycles and heroine rescue running dog off highway

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A news helicopter crew, hovering over the 710 Freeway in Southern California on Friday afternoon, couldn't figure out why traffic was snarled, but according to, a highway full of Good Samaritans joined together to save a stray dog running along the busy highway near Atlantic Avenue.

Motorists voluntarily slowed down and created their own makeshift corral; their cars coaxing the scared dog towards the shoulder of the road. One motorcyclist took over from there, carefully pursuing the dog and making sure she was safe, and then one young woman in hot pursuit of a scared black dog pulled over, put on her flashers and ran to the dog's safety.

According to NBC reports, motorists just seemed to know the dog needed help and without communicating with each other, drivers just joined together to protect the dog from getting hit by other vehicles.

And many thanks to the young woman, Andie Valerio, who ran like the wind chasing the young female dog and scooped the black dog with the white poof on her chest up into her arms. The video shows the dog grateful to have been rescued.

"Just thinking about the dog cause I didn't want her to get hurt," stated Andie as the reason she chased the dog.

Although the dog was wearing a collar, she does not have a microchip; the Downey Animal Care Center will hold her until she is claimed by her family or made available for adoption if her family does not show up.

Watch the video from NBC by clicking here.

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