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California mother stabbed 7-month-old: Mother admits stabbing baby to death

A California mother stabbed her 7-month-old baby to death according to FOX News. According to police, the 23-year-old mother of the baby had a "history of depression." She reportedly admitted to stabbing her child to death at a popular Northern California park. Police responded to a call about a damaged Honda sedan in the Del Valle Regional Park that was left running when the incident was brought to light.

According to the report, police were about to have the empty car towed when the young mother walked up to them holding her dead baby. The police took the woman into custody but the child could not be saved.

The California mother who stabbed her 7-month-old had cuts on her wrists but it's unknown if they were from "cutting" or if she tried to kill herself. The knife that she used to stab her child was found by police and will be used as evidence, even though the woman already confessed.

For the woman to go up to police and confess that she killed her murder suggests that she was riddled with guilt after committing murder. It's clear that she may be suffering from serious mental problems which could be used by her defense attorney, presuming she hires one to represent her. Either way, many hope that this woman pays for her unthinkable crime.

The California mother who stabbed her 7-month-old has not been charged formally. She is being held in jail on "suspicion of murder" according to FOX News.

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