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California lawmaker says soda makes you fat, wants warning label

Coke is one of many beverage makers that would be affected by warning label requirement
Coke is one of many beverage makers that would be affected by warning label requirement
Scott Olson, Getty Images

Soda drinkers may soon see a warning label citing the health risks of consuming the sugary beverages. According to a LA Times report on February 13, Sen. Bill Monning has proposed a bill that would force Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper and all other soda makers to include a warning label for any soda sold in the state of California. Of course, if the bill is passed in California, it could set off a chain reaction in other states.

The bill proposes that all bottles of soda and juice drinks that have sugar added and 75 or more calories per 12 ounces, would have to carry the warning label. The label would alert consumers to the risk of obesity, diabetes and tooth decay.

While Sen. Monning feels that the evidence against soda is conclusive, CalBev, which serves as the California branch of the American Beverage Association, disagrees. CalBev argues that obesity can’t be linked to a single product or ingredient and that drinking soda isn’t necessarily the sole culprit behind gaining weight or developing diabetes.

Whether or not this bill passes at this time, consumers should be aware that increased sugar in the diet can lead to a multitude of health problems.

According to the Mayo Clinic, sugar can not only cause weight gain and tooth decay but also an increase in triglycerides, which can put stress on the heart. Furthermore, a Stanford University School of Medicine study showed that sugar intake has a direct link to diabetes, as well as adverse effects on the liver and pancreas.

While there may be an ongoing debate as to whether soda should carry a warning label, consumers would be wise to heed the warnings of research that has already proven excess sugar to be damaging to health.

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